Smart, Small and Sure: How to stay on track

“The journey to a healthy lifestyle change should be filled with smart choices and done with small and sure steps. “

A common unnoticed mistake is how people go about there suppose to be lifestyle change. It is easy to decide to start lessening our food intake or to make healthy choices, but to retain it is a whole other thing. More often than not, deciding to undergo a diet is not something you do in a whim. Full dedication, commitment and discipline are needed for you to achieve your desire goals. Though, diet trends are at large especially in today’s modern society, constant pressure to look your best affects the way of how you see yourself physically.


Dieting that results in losing weight is the usual goal a person who wants to change their lifestyle says but what they fail to understand is that it is not only about what we eat it that affects our overall health both inside and out, it encompasses so much more, and what route to take would be entirely up to you.

smart-eating2The journey to a healthy lifestyle change should be filled with smart choices and done with small and sure steps. Patience is also a keyword for success. Nothing is gained without working for it. Before you start you should determined what your goals will be. With this is mind; you will be able to know how to start, what to do and why you decided to make the change. To help you be on track there are three simple words you can use as a guide as well as a reminder, and it starts with the letter S. SMART, SMALL and SURE.

  • Be SMART on your food choices. Begin by checking what you have on hand and what you usually purchase. Go ahead, you can check the labels; this will help you become more knowledgeable on what ingredients make up a certain product. Know what is a reasonable ingredient and what is clearly an advisable amount. By being conscious of what you consume this will help you gradually change or skip food items that are not good for your body. Same goes with your chosen exercise regime. A healthy lifestyle constitutes a well-balanced food intake as well as bodily movements. Exercising should not go unnoticed. To be smart in this aspect. You need to choose something that you really like to do. It can be as simple as walking every morning to engaging in a sport and sticking to it. The important thing is to be active.
  • Start SMALL. Nothing is ever achieved overnight and you cannot completely change drastically. This road starts with baby steps. Completely eliminating something out of your system all of a sudden will not be good for your body as well as your mental state. You will eventually feel deprived and soon enough will give in to those cravings. Example of which, if you are used to eating a cup of ice cream a day start by adjusting to every other day until you get to a week and eventually you will no longer be craving for it and you will treat it as only a special treat once in awhile. With exercise, whatever you chose to do, may you be a beginner or experienced, you should not engage fully as soon as you start. By taking it slow and in small increments you condition yourself as well as your body to adapt to the change that will help you be more effective in the long run.
  • Always be SURE of yourself. By being sure with yourself you have complete trust and confidence that whatever your goals are you will be able to achieve it. Also, you know for a fact that you can stick to the plan and continue to do so in order for you to say that you have altered your lifestyle into a healthy one.

Green apple and cake with tape measure, close-up

Change is something that challenges even the best of us. It is never an easy feat but with the proper mindset and a positive attitude anything is possible. Choosing to be healthy and staying on the right track should be a no brainer. Just remember that in every journey you are never alone. Being healthy is the best way to live and it is what we should start RIGHT NOW!

The Complete and Up-to-Date Carb Book: A Guide to Carb, Calorie, Fiber, and Sugar by Karen J. Bellerson

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