Techniques to fasten your metabolism: FAST then SLOW.

As our metabolism changes we should too. Learn to adapt to our body.

We all know that as we age our metabolism slows down. How fast our bodies digest the food we intake when we were younger is not the same as the years past. There is no set rate on how our metabolism works and it is a common reason to hear that one of the factors of weight gain is due to the decrease of how fast our metabolism can convert what we consume into energy instead of our bodies storing unwanted fats. Although ageing shouldn’t hinder us to have a healthy body, we still need to put in the extra effort to help fasten our metabolism by adjusting some components of our lifestyle.


If you have an active lifestyle, it would be easy for you to adjust, some may have been doing things that may have already speeded up their metabolism with or without their knowledge but with others that may have noticed a change in their bodies and may or may not have a regular exercise routine would need to compromise a little for them to achieve their goals.

Below are some useful tips on how we can help speed up our metabolism despite ones age:

  1. Sustain your bodies’ needs. Being healthy doesn’t mean you need to drasticallylifestyle-diet lessen your food intake ,it means you should give your body the right amount and the right type of food. It is all about choice. Choose what foods you should intake and how much of it. In order for your body to function well, that includes your metabolism, eating the right foods that will give you the nutrients you need is still and will always be important.
  2. Never skip meals. Similar to the first tip, skipping meals is a sure fire way to confuseskipping-meals your metabolism. Leaving our bodies with no food to ingest in long hours will disable its ability to convert it into energy which will then scramble up the whole process that can make your metabolism slower rather than faster which defeats the purpose of your goals. So don’t ever think of skipping the 3 main meals of the day. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks in between. Again, it is all about choices.
  3. Muscles. It doesn’t mean that you need to bulk up or anything, it just means that you lift-weightneed to develop those muscles that will help increase your metabolic rate. Muscles use calories and with more developed muscles the more calories are burned. Talk to your trainer or ask around there are many alternative forms of muscle training that you can delve into. Look for an exercise or activity that will be best suited for you.
  4. Exercise regularly. We always see and read about this and no one can reiterateball-sit-ups enough how important this is. If you feel that your exercise routine isn’t doing anything for you, if you think that there is no improvement from it. If you know that you are getting bored and tired of doing it then it’s time to switch your gears. There are many form of exercise and there are no excuses not to have one. Also, it is important to try to push yourself to do more. To rev up your sleeping metabolism, you need to step up and keep moving.
  5. Keep drinking water. There is no need to prove on this. Water is important to stay hydrated and to keep our bodies functioning, same goes with our metabolism. If we are dehydrated even a little, it affects our metabolism. Drink 8 or more glasses a day and reap its benefits.

As our metabolism changes we should too. Learn to adapt to our body. Supply it with what it needs and only give the best. It is all about the choices we make. Make the right choice and you will never have to think or give the excuse about how slow are metabolism is.


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