Massages: Beneficial or not?

With the entire fad surrounding massages, do we really need it? And does it truly help us in both body and mind?

In every person’s daily life, each one of us encounters different kinds of stress and at the end of the day or week all we want is to rest and de-stress. Fortunately, in today’s society there are a lot of services to help you get that much needed revitalization one of which is in the form of massages. A massage is the rubbing, kneading of one’s muscles and joints of the body with the use of another person’s hands. By doing so, it releases and relieves tension, soreness, and pain as well as de-stresses the receiver. Massages have since evolved into different types and can cover most of our bodies. Additional services most of which can be seen on spas are offered to make your massage session more variety.


With the entire fad surrounding massages, do we really need it? And does it truly help us in both body and mind? Let us sneak into some information about what massages can actually do for you and your health.

Massages today are considered as a form of alternative medicine by being an additive in different treatments. Since it makes someone more relaxed, it helps in faster recovery of people with illnesses. Examples of illnesses that are treated with massages are digestive disorders, headaches, anxiety, sports injuries, soft tissue strains etc. Even with its benefits massages are not the main treatments it is only done to help the patient’s recovery.


massage-bedEveryday we engage in certain activities that may strain our bodies or make us sore. An instance would be with back pain. By getting a massage, it helps reduce and ease the pain to help us function better. Another thing about massages is because our bodies become more relaxed during the procedure we feel more at ease that can help us sleep better at night.


EssentialOilsIn terms of our bodily system, massages are proven to boost our immunity, help women during their pre menstrual syndrome (PMS), raise alertness, relieve headaches and improve our skin. The boosting of our immune system is because of the increase of the production of our white blood cells due to the relaxing and stress reducing effects a massage can give. As for women’s PMS issues, getting a massage can eliminate the feeling of bloating and mood swings. It also raises alertness because you are in full capacity once your body and mind relaxes even the shortest massage session can give you that much need boost to keep you going through the day. The same reason also covers relief from headaches. Lastly, massages can improve our skin because having a massage increases blood flow that contributes to the shutting out of toxins so that the cells can absorb more nutrients. Also, some massages uses natural oils or products such as coconut oil, chocolate or coffee scrubs just to name, a few which are proven to be beneficial for the skin.


So if you’re planning to get that massage, don’t hesitate and do it. You and your body deserves to be pampered it is not only a luxury one does to feel important it is a necessity for a more healthier you.