The Beauty Sleep

After a many hours of being awake, our bodies always needs time to recover and recuperate. Depriving oneself is equivalent to a neglecting our body’s needs which should always be prioritized to avoid serious problems in the likes of illnesses. The question is how long one should sleep and why is it so important to follow it? Does the environment affect our sleeping habits and how can we get that shut eye if it is difficult for us to get that sleep? And do the time we sleep matters? To answer all our questions, read further below:

How long one should sleep and why is it so important to follow it?


The time period one should sleep differs according to a persons age.

  • Newborns to 2 months old sleeps most of the time and should have around 12-18 hours of sleep.
  • 3 months to 1 year old are required to have 14-15 hours of sleep.
  • 1 to 3 year olds should have 12-14 hours.
  • 3 to 5 year olds should have 11-13 hours.
  • 5 to 13 year olds should sleep 10-11 hours.
  • 12-18 year olds should have 8.5-10 hours of sleep.
  • 18 and above are required to sleep for 7.5-9 hours a day.


It is important for everyone to have enough sleep everyday. This is for you to be able function normally and to avoid feeling sluggish, weak or restless. There are various effect in ones system of being sleep deprived some of which are fatigue, irritability, reduced immunity, lack of concentration, weight gain and increased risk of getting diabetes, heart disease and other body system complications. Avoiding sleep deprivation is a must and should not be done constantly for you not to suffer the consequences.

Enough sleep everyday is important for you to be able function normally and to avoid feeling sluggish, weak or restless.


As for the environment, your sleep may be affected depending on your external factors, examples are your daily diet, the medications you take and if your bedroom is comfortable for you to sleep in. Whether you prefer sleeping with the lights on or not, light influences are sleep since the retina in our eyes has light sensitive cells that tells the brain if its daytime or nighttime. Another factor can be the time you work and if it constantly changes, our body clock will not be able to cope up and adjust accordingly. Jet setters will also have problems with sleep due to jetlag. Lastly, the surroundings, if it’s noisy or not will interfere in your sleep and would affect you in such a way that you won’t be able to relax. It would be significantly difficult for one to sleep if some of the factors above are interfering. If you can make the necessary adjustments do so, so that you can develop a healthy and stable sleeping pattern.


Finally, about the matter of the time we sleep depends on your lifestyle. There are those who are morning persons and there are night persons, so depending on how you go about your daily lives the time we sleep differs, what’s important is that an individual should always get the right amount of sleep. Now, snuggle up, relax and do your body a favor and go to sleep!





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