Hot or Cold Water

Sometimes we want it hot other times we want it cold. It has been a lifelong debate whether one should consume hot (war or lukewarm) or cold water (ice cold, cold).Which is better for the body? And does it have any effect? These are just some questions continually floating around yet answers are different from one person to another. To give us a more thorough discussion about hot and cold water, let us get into detail on whether it is better to drink hot or cold water.

Hot or cold? Which is better for the body? And does it have any effect?

  • hotwater2According to studies, drinking warm water has its share of health benefits which includes improvement in digestion, helps the body detoxify, helps with your nasal congestion and combats pain. For the digestion, drinking a glass of warm water when you wake up can help you avoid indigestion because it can stimulate the blood flow to your intestines which helps your body prevent constipation. Warm water can help in detoxifying your body and can prevent acne and other skin problems. For those with nasal congestion, warm water acts as a natural remedy that aids to relieve your system from phlegm. For combat pains, warm water can increase blood flow to the tissues that provides relief from pain.
  • cold-water1Cold water also has its pros, which includes an excellent post workout drink, heat stroke combatant and a weight loss helper. It is best after a workout because during a workout your body temperature rises, by drinking cold water your body temperature will lower and can easily return to normal. It is a good combantant for heat stroke since cold water is absorbed by the body faster than warm water. It is a good weight loss helper for the fact that drinking cold water can boost your metabolism.
  • The best times to drink cold water are, as mentioned above, during exercise and if you have a fever. Consuming cold water during a fever cools down your body and cold water is absorbed faster by the body which is important because you need to keep your body hydrated.
  • The best time to drink warm water is when you have problems with your digestion and if you have a headache or inflammation.
  • Warm water can also improve your blood circulation. Drinking warm water eliminates fat deposits and flushes out toxins in the body that improves blood circulation, in turn makes the muscles more relaxed as well.
  • Warm water can also slow down premature aging. Warm water can help repair skin cells to improve elasticity and cleanse the body from toxins that leads to faster aging.


Hot and Cold

Wether you prefer hot or cold, whats important is to keep drinking water and stay hydrated. Remember, our bodies is composed of 50-65% water. With that in mind consuming around 8 glasses of water is mandatory for our body to get the necessary amount it needs to function normally. Drink up and always stay healthy.



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