Clean that Toilet Bowl

The toilet bowl is one of the most used items in ones household. We constantly use it at any time, in everyday. We sit on it for a short or long time depending on the person using it. Even if human excretions are put into our toilet bowl, proper sanitation and cleanliness is of utmost importance. Cleaning the toilet bowl is not just putting some liquid soap, rinsing it with water and flushing it all down, proper toilet cleaning has its own effective way.

When we clean the toilet routinely, you can prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. And if you clean your toilet the right way, you save more time and energy. Before you can start on your cleaning, you should also consider what products and materials to use.


  • Paper towel, cloths, sponge and rubber gloves. These items are used to clean the outer part of your toilet bowl. Keep in mind that the said items should only be used for your toilet for the reason that the bacteria and germs that have been in contact with your materials won’t be transferred into your other household items.
  • Toilet brush. This is the main tool for cleaning the insides and the sides of the toilet bowl.
  • Toilet cleaner. Use with the brush. Have a good quality cleaner to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of your bowl. Another tip is after you have finish applying the toilet cleaner leave it for about 15 minutes before flushing it down.
  • All purpose cleaning product. This is used with a cloth or paper towel to wipe the sides, the outside body and the flush handle of the toilet bowl.
  • You can also use a bleach or disinfectant to clean your toilet brush.



Steps in cleaning your toilet bowl are the following:

  • Remove anything surrounding you and the toilet bowl or any item that is placed on it. You don’t want to go to the hassle of cleaning other items in your bathroom because it was splashed by toilet water or having the misfortune of dropping something into the toilet bowl.
  • Flush the toilet bowl first then add your cleaning solution. Let it soak in.
  • Start cleaning the exterior of the toilet bowl. It is best to start on top (for the drippings) and proceed to the other parts. Don’t forget to wipe down the whole bowl.
  • Clean the toilet seat. This includes the outer and inner part.
  • Clean the inside. With the use of the toilet brush begin cleaning the bowl starting from the top down to the bottom. Clean the insides of the rim as well. Scrub the bowl thoroughly and flush the toilet with the lid down.
  • Lastly, wipe the drips or spills and clean all your materials thoroughly.


Remember never to neglect cleaning your toilet bowl. Don’t wait for it to build up bacteria and grime. Have a cleaning routine so that you don’t have to worry whenever you sit down on your toilet bowl.





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