Handwash or Machinewash

Cleaning, washing or whatever we do to our dirty clothes is what we all naturally do or for some, have others do . Busy schedules and daily routines often block the free time we have to do normal household chores like this one. Many have opt to have laundry services, some will buy washing machines or some may hire a household help to have their clothes hand washed.

But does hand washing and machine wash have a difference in cleaning or maintaining the quality of our clothes?

Which is better? And which does the job more effectively? Or is it just a matter of preference? Let us look into the differences and what the pros and cons of hand washing vs machine washing.


When we hand wash clothes there is minimal agitation or tension in cleaning the clothes, when we say agitation it means that the clothes rub against other clothes creating friction that is necessary to get the dirt out, with hand washing it is more on the delicate side while machine washing there is more agitation. If you notice there are some clothes that are tagged as delicates, this means that preferably the clothes should be hand washed. These delicate clothes can tear when washed in the machine even if it’s not visible the first time; there are still damages from the cloth’s fiber that can cause holes in the long run.


Hand washing clothes should be done using cold water. Treating it first with your laundry soap and slightly rubbing it with your finger can remove stains. Let it soak in the water and rinse. Repeat if necessary. Although if your clothes are dirtier it is best to let it soak overnight. Another thing to remember is to always wash the clothes of the same color together. Hand washing can preserve your clothing’s quality longer; it is energy efficient, it can save you water and can be treated as a good workout.


With washing machines, there are two types, namely front loading and top loader. The classifications are based on the design and where you open the main door of the machine. Washing machines can take up too much electricity, laundry powder and water thus making it more expensive when you think about it. Buying a washing machine is expensive add to that that the additional costs of having one. Often times a washing machine can accommodate at least 5 to 7 kg per wash. If you have more clothes you will have to wait for the first cycle to finish and repeat all over again. Although, it may seem expensive, but if you think you can afford it or if you have limited time to spare, then having a washing machine is advantageous for you. Washing machines saves you time when washing your clothes, you don’t need to exert that much effort, you can wash any size and type of clothing and depending on the clothing; washing machines have different cycles or adjustments for the type of clothing materials you want to clean.


Whatever you choose to do, what’s important is that you keep your clothing items clean as ever. Time to scrub or load that machine!



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