HIT THE BREAKS (How to stop the onset of Cough and Colds)

Every day is different from yesterday and when we wake up we all have our own usual routines to do but when something is wrong or different we feel an uneasiness that could ruin the flow of our entire day, there is no time or place when something happens and when it comes to ourselves and how we feel it affects us more. In our unpredictable weather, it is very easy to catch the most common illnesses and with that includes the common cough and colds. But before it fully develops, there are signs and symptoms that we shouldn’t just brush off. It is easier to stop that cough and colds in fully developing rather than to cure it once it becomes more serious.

But how do we know if a cough and colds is starting up in our system? And how do we prevent it from fully developing? Read further for more info:


cough-colds4The common cold doesn’t occur immediately it takes days and a number of symptoms before it is fully in its peak of destruction. Days before you may feel that your throat is mildly sore, you have a runny or blocked nose, you tend to sneeze a lot more than the usual, you are coughing and your voice feels and sounds hoarse and you feel weak. Other occurrences can be that of a headache or earache, you may experience a loss in taste and smell and your eyes are irritated. Also, your throat will feel itchy.


Once you feel one or more of the said symptoms it is best to take the necessary precautions. Some tips could be, to increase your intake of liquids specifically water or fresh fruit juice, it is important that your body remains hydrated to boost your immune system. For your throat, it is also good to gargle with salt water. In a glass of warm water mix in half a teaspoon of salt and gargle it. Salt draws out the excess water reducing inflammation and irritants from the back your throat. Another thing that will help you with that sore and itchy throat is if you have pure honey, you may take a teaspoon or two or mixed it into your preferred cup of tea. For your irritated eyes, use your chosen eye drops.


If you’re feeling weak, stay off doing strenuous activities or workouts but it is better to engage
in lighter activities to keep your body and metabolism strong, have a good night sleep and never starve yourself, eat a balance diet.

Lastly, it is never too early to take a naturally known medicine that is proven to help prevent and cure coughs and colds. That said medicine is readily available in all drugstores and is safe for both children and adults. What is it, you ask? Of course it’s none other than medicines made out of Lagundi Leaves.

Remember, nothing is minor, once you feel something is amiss, take action and always be healthy.





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