The healthy food boosters

A boost of any kind is good when it comes to jumpstarting your day, or if we talk about our bodies, for strengthening our whole system. When it comes to our well being we all want the best and most natural way without any hassles or side effects. We always look for options on how we can benefit from something so simple and natural so as to avoid any chemicals that may have side effects temporarily or in worst cases permanently.

Unfortunately, not everyone is knowledgeable on what food does what to our bodies. Read further to have an idea on what foods you should eat and why it’s actually doing you good.


To boost your immunity, some foods you can enjoy are yogurt (contains probiotics that are healthy bacteria that keeps our intestinal tract healthy and lowers the risk of having diseases caused by germs), oats (it’s a fiber rich food that helps the fast healing of wounds and makes antibiotics work effectively), garlic (highly known to fight infection and bacteria), mushrooms (helps in the production of active white blood cells, that are good for fighting off infection), beef (contains zinc that is essential for the development of white blood cells) and potatoes/sweet potatoes (contains vitamin A that helps in the production of connective tissue for the skin).



To boost your metabolism, the food items you should eat are egg whites (rich in amino acids that boosts your metabolism), lean meat (contains a lot of iron, iron deficiency can slow down your metabolism), water (keeping hydrated at all times boosts the metabolism), milk (calcium can breakdown fats in the body easily which boosts the metabolism), green tea (contains compounds that can burn fat) and chili peppers (contains capsaicin, that can make your metabolism work faster).



To boost your energy, consume foods such as vegetables (contains iron that is used to deliver oxygen to cells), super fruits like apples, stone fruits, berries and tomatoes and healthy fats (fat is needed to absorb key antioxidants).



Lastly, foods that boost your brain power includes whole grains (releases glucose into the bloodstream that keeps you alert), oily fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines (contains omega-3, which is important for a healthy brain function),blue berries (studies shows that blueberries can delay short term memory loss), tomatoes (contains lycopene, which helps protect us against radicals that can damage the cells that is in line with the development of dementia), broccoli (contains vitamin K, that enhances and improves brainpower), nuts (contains Vitamin E that can slow down or prevent the decline of our cognitive senses especially with the elderly) and sage (can improve memory, concentration and make you more focused).


There are many food varieties you can enjoy daily to help keep our bodies healthy. Mix it up. Serve it in different ways. Enjoy it. Just remember, to keep it as natural and fresh to enjoy all the benefits it can offer. Happy eating!



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