IN FOCUS: Lagundi, the natural relief for coughs and colds

“Who would have thought that this medicinal plant is continuously growing in the Philippines and has revolutionized the way to treat infections such as colds, flu and asthma just to name a few”

A simple yet complex plant named LAGUNDI (scientific name:Vitex Negundo) has been growing and used by many Filipinos throughout the years. It has been proven to be versatile in the art of healing. Who would have thought that this medicinal plant is continuously growing in the Philippines and has revolutionized the way to treat infections such as colds, flu and asthma just to name a few. Although it is mostly categorized in fighting respiratory problems, the lagundi plant can deliver so much more. Examples of which are that it aids in the relief of asthma and pharyngitis, it helps reduce discomfort from boils and diarrhea, it lessen signs of chicken pox and and it helps in the elimination of worms and boils.


Externally, the lagundi plant is a large shrub that grows at around five meters tall and has only one thick stem like trunk that supports its whole body. The most commonly used part of a lagundi plant is the leaves, but still the other parts have their own medicinal uses. The lagundi is the only extensively researched and studied herbal cough medicine in the Philippines to date. Categorized as an herbal medicine, it has been developed to better captivate a wider range of market and to give more alternatives to those who wants to engage in an alternative form of medicine.


For the past several years, the lagundi has been transformed into many forms and can be bought conveniently by anyone — most commonly seen as a tablet or a cough syrup. As most people know, having children take their medicine is a challenge to anyone. But because Lagundi syrups are available, long gone are the days that they will decline every attempt to take the medicine since these syrups that are specifically made for children are within arms reach. Not only does it speed up the child’s recovery in a natural way, the taste of the syrup itself is good, making it easier for any child to adapt to it’s taste.

With a wide selection of lagundi medicines in the market, one product has proven to be a mainstay in the field of revolutionizing this herbal medicine. A Filipino made medicine, Lagundex, is made from the best and finest leaves of the lagundi ensuring the best quality for its consumers. It is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and it complies strictly with the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the Philiipines. It has been said to fight the common cold and flu without the unwanted side effects or even drowsiness. Lagundex can be taken at the early stages or the first sign of a cough or cold. This will immediately combat any signs of infections and can eliminate the possibility of it ever continuing. Conveniently, it comes in 2 different flavors namely sweet orange and peppermint that surely the kids will enjoy. Lagundex tablet is also available for adults.

Many reviews have been made for Lagundex, and it is mostly from the most reliable source, mothers. Similar opinions such as instant relief, is non-drowse, the taste is good and the children actually likes it and the cost is very competitive. Dosage specifications are indicated on the box and it can be bought in different sizes as well.


With all this in mind, there is no excuse to have that stubborn cough, cold or flu linger with you for long. Children shouldn’t be subjected to the prolong agony these infections can bring. With herbal medicines made out of Lagundi, healing should come like the breeze.


The Best 100 Philippine Medicinal Plants / Jaime Z. Galvez-Tan, MD, MPH

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