COFFEE: It’s not just a drink

“. . . coffee is not only a consumable treat, even its grounds can be of use for health and beauty regiments”

It is a daily thing for a lot of people to drink coffee in a regular basis. Some may make it their morning ritual while others consume it throughout the day. Different concoctions have been made to give coffee a wider range of marketability and its offerings are countless, so even the pickiest drinkers will surely have their own preference on how they enjoy it. Whatever or however you have your coffee, it is a drink that will never lose its taste. But did you know that coffee is not only a consumable treat, even its grounds can be of use for health and beauty regiments.

To know more about it, below are some useful information on what coffee can do to improve, enhance or maintain your ideal health and beauty.


  • Drinking coffee can make you feel more energized. Because of its stimulant called caffeine, it can immediately give you that boost you need to keep you going, it heightens our senses and can make us think faster. That is why many drinkers prefer coffee as their wake me up drink.
  • According to studies, coffee can actually help you maintain your weight or even lose fat. With moderate intake caffeine can help boost your metabolic rate. This can be extra useful for people who exercise regularly.
  • A cup of coffee contains nutrients that are beneficial to your body namely Vitamin B, B2, B5 just to name a few.
  • Studies have shown that drinking coffee in moderation can be good for the heart.
  • Coffee grounds can be used as an exfoliator. Rubbing the grounds in your skin will help remove dead skin cells that results in a smoother skin. Used raw or with other ingredients such as olive oil, coffee grounds are a good way to help improve your skin. A coffee scrub has also been proven to minimize cellulite appearance.
  • Coffee for the face. Coffee grounds can be used to concoct your very own coffee mask that helps tighten your pores and remove unwanted facial oil. Apply your mask all over your face and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and your face will feel smooth and clean.
  • Applying coffee grounds underneath your eyes can reduce swelling or puffiness. You may also apply it on your eyelids.
  • Massaging ground coffee into your hair can rid it of dandruff and give you a shinier hair. It can also boost your current hair color. Take note, do this before you use your shampoo and conditioner.
  • Coffee grounds as a smell eliminator. If you want to get rid of a certain smell that has stuck unto you (e.g. garlic in your hands) you may use scrub the grounds in your hands and rinse with warm water. Also, if you are smelling certain things simultaneously, you may smell fresh coffee beans in between.
  • A coffee hair spray. Brewed coffee can be sprayed directly into the hair to give it that immediate shine.

These are just a few of what benefits coffee really has to offer. Just remember that moderation is the key. Drink your coffee in right amounts; coffee in excess is not good for you. Know your limits and know the proper way to do it. In this way enjoying coffee can also be worthwhile and fulfilling.


Coffee is a very complex and useful thing to have around. From the brewing up the grounds itself nothing will go to waste. This proves to show that coffee is never just a drink.

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