No entry! Keep unwanted species away

There is no way that insects, rodents and other species should dwell, pass through, reproduce or be present in our house shelves, cabinets and other storage containers which are made only for our items.

There is no place that those little species are absent and hasn’t appeared in any place on our house. Storage places are dark and compact, which is a good place for those little critters to stay and make a home out of. But as homeowners there are easy ways to keep them away and the items you need may just be right inside your own shelves or at your garden.


Herbs are not only used for cooking, they have so much more use, and you can actually use it for this purpose. Examples of which are the following:

  • Mint plants or dried mint. Keeping your own mint plant inside your house can act as an insect repellant for the reason that the smell of mint is not a good thing for those species. As for dried mint, scattering it can help avoid the presence of ants, flies, spiders and other insects especially on areas where foods are present.
  • The smell of rosemary repels cockroaches and mosquitoes and other insects away.
  • Just like with rosemary, basil leaves can also keep those flies away. Having basil around during the occasional barbeque session can keep those flies from pestering you and your food.
  • Bay leaf. Putting bay leaves on your cabinets are useful since bugs won’ be able to invade your storages and cockroaches can’t lay eggs on whatever is inside your shelves. You can also place bay leaves on food items like flour or rice to ensure an insect free supply.


Common food items are also reliable when it comes to keeping those unwanted species away. Some of these items are as follows:

  • This all around ingredient is also useful when it comes to repelling those ants and other insects. Spray vinegar on areas on your house that ants and other insects usually appear.
  • Just like with vinegar, cinnamon can also help keep ants away.
  • Citrus fruits. The peels of your citrus fruits can be rubbed on areas where insects like spiders are known to show up, doing this will keep them from ever coming back.
  • Placing chestnuts on drawers, windowsills or in your shelves can help drive spiders away.
  • Salting can help kill the eggs of fleas.


The lists above are just some of many easy ways on how we can prevent those critters away and out of our sight. Of course, these items are just additional things you can do it is certainly important to keep your storage spaces clean so having a cleaning regime is a must. Be vigilant and strict. Don’t let anything that doesn’t belong in your storage areas linger for long. Always have that invisible No entry sign because those unwanted species are definitely not allowed.




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