Don’t go unnoticed: Caring for your fridge

“A house without a refrigerator is possible but inconvenient.“

Admit it, one of our most prized equipment in our house is none other than our refrigerator. It not only keeps our perishables fresh, it also keeps are drinking water cold, it conveniently makes ice, it’s a good storage of raw and cooked foods and so much more. Imagining a house without a refrigerator is possible but inconvenient. Even though we constantly rely on this modern compartment, we tend to overlook the proper care for it. We always look at it as a heavy duty piece of item that can withstand anything, but the truth is just like any other appliance, proper maintenance, care and management is necessary for our refrigerators to function properly and stay with us as long as possible.

Not all of us knows how to effectively care for our refrigerator and below are some tips for you to go through in a regular basis.

  • Keep your refrigerator on the right temperature. This is mainly based on practicality reasons. By doing this, the appliances’ affectivity is used at its best.
  • Always make sure that the seals of your refrigerator doors are intact. This will ensure that no energy is wasted and your appliance continues to function regularly. If your doors are not closing all the way through check if there are residue build ups in between the seals (it is important to remember to occasionally clean the seals) but if that doesn’t solve the problem it is best to have the professionals fix it.
  • Remember to clean and check the condenser coils. A condenser coil is needed to remove heat from your refrigerators. This can be done at least twice or thrice a year.
  • Clean and Defrost. Like all other appliance, you should never forget to clean your refrigerator. Start by taking out all items inside then proceed to cleaning the entirety of the interior. Afterwards you may proceed to the defrosting. This is important so that you can thoroughly clean your refrigerator since it removes any frost build up. There are some refrigerators that have a self-defrosting system, if that is the case you may skip on this process but make sure to routinely clean the pan the refrigerator comes with. This step is advisably done every week.
  • These are used so that any smell from your food items that seeped through leaving a scent could be rectified. Deodorizer for refrigerators can be bought at your supplier or supermarkets.
  • Clean water or ice cube maker filter (if applicable). This helps prevent any contamination and should be practiced as a means to uphold cleanliness in all things.
  • Lastly, in case of any power outage, keep your refrigerator door close. In this way, you can preserve all items inside for a longer period of time.

The refrigerator is a must in any household, normally with proper use and care it can last longer than what it is estimated to be used but it is also good to remember that if your refrigerator has been used for a certain number of years (e.g. 20 years, projected time it is still functioning normally is 15 years) it is best to double check if you need to purchase a new one. Older refrigerators tend to use up more energy than the usual or the more modern designs that offers more uses as well as energy saving features. Remember, this appliance runs 24/7 and we need to always know that we are getting the best out of it without sacrificing costs due to electricity or malfunctioning parts. The refrigerator is and will always be a part of our home.

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