AFTER EFFECTS: What going organic can do for your body?

When we consume only the freshest of ingredients we maximize the food item’s full potential and nutritional value

organic-image3It is very easy to grab a meal anywhere you go; often time’s good food deals are up for grabs. Most consumers tend to look more into the price value rather than the nutrients the food item contains as well as what it is made of. Because everyone wants something fast, easy and cheap, one’s lifestyle and eating habits are sacrificed, which in the long run can be bad for the health.

Fortunately, many have been shifting to alternative food items that will help make what one may consume healthier and safe. Introducing organic foods was a challenge at first but as the awareness grew so is the markets demand for more organic ingredients. As the days go by more and more people are shifting to eating organically. Many testimonies have been made on how going organic eating has changed their lives for the better. Below is a list of the after effects of what organic eating can do for you.


  • The main components of organic foods are that they are naturally grown and produced. No pesticides and other non natural methods are done in the food item which means that there are no pesticide residues or any other harmful chemicals present in the food which makes it fully fresh and natural that further consumption is beneficial to the body since you only consume the freshest of ingredients with the proper and maximum nutritional value it can give.
  • Fresh is better. The consumption of food should always be at its best. When we consume only the freshest of ingredients we maximize the food item’s full potential and nutritional value. Our bodies absorb these nutrients and the more it has the better it will function.
  • Fully switching to eating organic food is a means to stay healthy. Often time’s non-organic foods are the cause of obesity and other health concerns because of the presence of saturated unwanted fats and other chemically harmful ingredients. With organic food, you only get what truly is important and that is the food itself. You can say, “What you see is what you get”.
  • Eating organically can help reduce the risks of cancer. Due to the fact that these foods have no pesticides that are known carcinogens, toxins that can affect our cellular level and hormone residues that are known to increase the chances of catching different kinds of cancer just to name a few.
  • It can energize you in such a way that with organic food your body will not be invaded with toxins that is stored in our adipose tissue. The food we consume is converted into energy and the best quality of food is the best source of our bodies’ energy.
  • With organic food, there are no additives and preservatives which makes its shelf life shorter compared to processed ones. A good example is with fruit or vegetables. Once these food items are harvested it begins to lose its nutritional value so consuming it as soon as possible is a must. We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us so with organic ones you will tend to eat more of it with the added bonus that everything you consume are all natural.

In the end, there is always a choice. Though you can’t fully turn your eating habits around all at the same time, it is best to try to do it one step at a time. Start small then observe. Next thing you know you are reaping the benefits of eating organic foods and you will be able to help not only yourself but also those around you.


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