Honey, the sweet solution!

“These are just a few of so much more uses of honey. It is without a doubt that this gift of nature is a treasure worth more than its color gold”

A treasured gift from the bees, honey has been a constant staple in the culinary world. This bright gold liquid has countless uses but is not confided to edible delicacies. Honey has it’s fair share of benefits when it comes to a persons overall beauty and wellness.

honey2An important note to remember is that raw and pure honey is preferred especially when it will be used for oneself. Since many store bought honeys are already processed or contains additives like sugar it is not advisable to use it for the reasons that it doesn’t compliment the main agenda of honey being proposed as a healthy component and additions to pure honey can affect its affectivity as a whole. There are many ways to determine if a honey is pure or not, one simple way is to know that pure honey is rather runny, if you pour it into a spoon or container it easily flows or drips out of the container whereas store bought and impure ones are very thick in consistency. To further test its purity, pour the honey into a glass of water and if it forms into small lumps and stays at the bottom of the glass then you know that the honey is pure.

Here is a short list of what benefits honey can give us both for our health and physical aspects as well:

Honey as a natural remedy


  • Honey can be applied on minor wounds and cuts to help speed the process of healing.
  • It is a natural remedy in curing common colds and cough. Taken pure or mixed into water or lemon, it’s soothes the throat and eases the discomfort.
  • Taking a tablespoon or 2 of pure honey acts as an energy booster. Being a natural unprocessed sugar it gives your body that boost of energy that is helpful especially with athletes or those who engage on longer exercises.

Honey as a natural beauty regime


  • It helps with acne, dark spots and wrinkles. You may dab a small amount to a specific area, leave it for around 15-20 minutes and rinse off. There are several natural ingredients (avocado, tea tree oil, olive oil, almond oil or fresh milk) that you can add to make a body scrub out of it. Honey has antioxidants that contain microbial properties. It can also absorb and retain moisture that helps combat acne and lightens dark spots.
  • Diluted in water it can be applied on the hair up to the roots. It is said that honey improves the shine of ones hair and can help prevent dandruff.
  • It also aids in the treatment of sunburns. Honey contains anti-inflammatory agents that help calm the skin and aid in its recovery.
  • Honey as a lip balm. Dabbing honey soothes and moisturizes the lips.
  • The ultimate cleanser and exfoliator for the face and the whole body. It gives the skin a smooth and soft feel at the same time clears the outside layers. With the face you may formulate your own natural mask and for the body it is said that adding honey in your bath and soaking in it for 10-15 minutes will also give the same effect.

These are just a few of so much more uses of honey. It is without a doubt that this gift of nature is a treasure worth more than its color gold. Used alone or combined with other natural items, the results are impeccably positive. It is the remedy to most of our bodily dilemmas. Honey, is truly very our own sweet solution.

1. Everyday Roots by Claire Goodall
2. The Health Benefits of Honey by Jason Groppel

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