Yummy! Foods to dodge coughs and colds

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


This quote states an important yet often overlooked fact — there’s no better way to be at your healthiest, than to prevent in any way possible and means to avoid catching any type of sickness. Often times, we tend to shrug off coughs and colds as something not to be taken seriously many get used to the fact that having one is a normal occurrence and momentary relief is the only way to find comfort but what we tend to overlook is that coughs and colds can be prevented not only based on our physical surrounding but as well as what we consume daily. It is not something that should be taken lightly and it should always be thought of as something that is not good for one’s body.

coughWith that in mind, it is not only the exterior properties that are considered the factors in catching colds and cough, the food we consume affects our bodies in various ways. The more nutrition it can get the better. The foods we eat will nourish our systems and give it the means to fend off infections that may cause us to contract certain illnesses. That is why it is important to consume the best and most nutritious foods possible. With the case of the dreadful coughs and colds, everyone has experience it more often than we want to but simple things and certain food items can be consumed to make us more shielded from the said infections and also aid those who are already suffering from coughs and colds.


  1. The most obvious foods to eat are of course fruits and vegetables. The more brightly colored they are the better. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins that boost our immune system. A popular choice would be citrus fruits like oranges, and vegetables such as carrots, spinach and broccoli.
  2. Raw garlic is the best way to maximize all its potential but don’t make this let you feel sad. Cooked garlic is still beneficial. It is said that after you chop or crush it allow it to stand for at least 10 minutes before cooking so it can retain its potency.
  3. Mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D that helps strengthen our immune system. The more exotic they are the better.
  4. Beef contains zincs that are aids in the production of white blood cells. These cells are vital for a strong immune system.
  5. Sweet potatoes are a good source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is important to maintain our mucosal surface that includes the insides of our nose and our skin. It is important to keep our skin healthy to help prevent infections from entering in them.
  6. Fermented foods such as yogurt and pickles are packed with probiotics which are good bacteria that balances our digestion, metabolism and of course our immune system.
  7. Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel and other fishes are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which helps in the production of white blood cells and antibodies.
  8. Nuts are rich in selenium. Selenium produces cytokine which are proteins that helps our immune system.


Whatever we consume and how we prepare the foods we eat it is important to remember that the healthier the better it is not only our basic senses that are filled and satisfied our whole bodies should benefit from it as well and if consuming something that will help you prevent certain infections then what’s the fuss all about. Foods are meant to be enjoyed as well as nourish us entirely.




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