Can I Catch a Cold From Standing in the Rain?


The reason of why we easily get colds when we get wet from the rain or when it is rainy outside is ultimately because of the temperature.


No one can predict the weather. We can never be 100% sure when it will be sunny and when will it rain and not everyone is always ready to face the unpredictable weather. It is a common occurrence that when we predict that it will be sunny all throughout the day then suddenly a rain shower occurs while you are currently outside making you drenched or be slightly wet from the rain. But does getting even a little rain bad for us? Does standing in the rain get sick? It is said that it is an old wives tale that you catch colds from being wet or cold, when the truth of the matter is it can actually weaken our immune system because our body temperature changes when we get wet from the rain and has the tendency of becoming chilled. Although viruses cause colds transmitted from one person to the other through different methods.


To answer the question, no, we don’t catch colds because of the rain or when we get wet from it. Catching a cold is due to a virus that normally enters through the nose. The reason of why we easily get colds when we get wet from the rain or when it is rainy outside is ultimately because of the temperature. Our immune systems response is greater if our nose temperature is normal meaning around 37 degrees Celsius compared if it is just 33 degrees Celsius. Also when our body gets chilled, symptoms of colds especially if you are already harboring the virus that causes us to get one. When we get cold our bodies restrict blood supply to our bodies including our nose, it is our bodies way of preserving core body temperature thus resulting in a cold nose.



What we can do whenever we get wet from the rain, and what we normally hear from our elderly is as soon as possible take a warm bath. By doing so, you stabilize your body’s temperature and fighting off would be bacteria and viruses that you may have come in contact with. Another thing is that you can practice the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples contain antioxidants including flavonoids that help the immune system. Other benefits of apples are it may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke as well as prevent prostate cancer.


There is nothing wrong in practicing caution. We can never tell when we can get cold or when it will rain. We also cannot know where we can get the virus that causes colds especially when you are frequently outside and in contact with other people. The important thing is to always be ready, to have a strong immune system and to always keep yourself healthy. It always comes down to the saying that prevention is better than cure.





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