Got Milk?

Milk and its boosting effect

Milk is something we should always have in our house. It is not only for children. Adults too have the responsibility to continually build their immune system


Whatever your age is, milk is a drink we all go to for different reasons. Some may find drinking milk comforting, others may treat is as a drink they consume to help them sleep and some may drink it on a daily basis. Whichever your reasons are, we cannot deny the health benefits milk can give to our bodies. One of the numerous advantages of drinking milk is the boosting effect in our immune system. Our immune system is responsible in fighting off infections from our body. Keeping our immune system strong is essential for us to be healthy. With the unpredictable weather, the most common illness one can get is coughs and colds — and that is where our immune system comes in. If we have a strong immune system, our bodies can counter attack and rid us from illnesses, virus and bacterial infection. To shield our body from these, a regular consumption of milk helps.


Below are the classification of milk products that can boost our immune system.


  • GotMilk2Organic Milk. When we say organic, this means that the milk came from grass fed cows. The milk these cows give contains good bacteria that can strengthen our immune system. Also, the amount of vitamins like vitamin A, zinc and enzymes are high.
  • Raw Milk. The raw side of it, raw milk contains components that kills pathogens and makes ones immune system stronger. The different components include lacto-peroxidase, lacto-ferrin, antimicrobial components of blood, special carbohydrates which includes polysaccharides and oligosaccharides, special fats like medium chain fatty acids, enzymes, lysozyme, hormones, growth factors, fibronectin, beneficial bacteria, mucins, glycomacropeptide, bifidus factor and B12 binding protein.Once milk is pasteurized the said components are inactivated because of the heat.
  • If Organic milk is not accessible to you, an alternative called Whey Protein can be substituted. Whey Protein also comes from grass fed cows. The milk contains protein does resulting in whey protein. The whey is the liquid that separates the curd during the making of cheese. Once the liquid is dried, then it becomes the powdered whey. Whey protein is proven to fight off colds and flu because of its beta-glucans and immunoglobulins.
  • Cultured milk. Milk is cultured to increase probiotics, vitamins, enzymes and active cultures. The stated benefits help our body deflect bad bacteria. A popular example of cultured milk is yogurt. Other food items include sour cream, butter milk, kefir, cottage cheese, feta cheese or cheddar cheese just to state a few.


Studies have proven that people who drank milk regularly or have a daily supplement of probiotic Lactobacillus that is also found in dairy products experience getting sick less. To sum everything up, milk is something we should always have in our house. It is not only for children. Adults too have the responsibility to continually build their immune system for them to always fend off viruses or bacteria that could make them sick. Don’t wait, start to habit of drinking milk.




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