Recharge with Green Apple Cucumber Smoothie

Fruits and vegetables are important in our daily nourishment. However, cooking veggies takes time and tossing the leafy greens with our favorite dressings is becoming tiresome. That’s why smoothies are the way to go when it comes to getting our nutrients. They’re easy to fix –– either in the morning or the night before. Green smoothies offer unique health benefits: loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, and they are an excellent way to enjoy a delicious drink that satisfies hunger and offers maximum nutrition.


Why apple cucumber smoothie?

First, it’s a great way to start a day and get some nutrient in our body. Second, it’s refreshing, healthy and helps our body get rid of toxins.


Rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, apple cucumber smoothie helps digestion and aids weight loss. With cucumbers, they help protect our cells and keep us hydrated. They’re an excellent choice for someone who is looking to lose weight. High in water content and low in calories, cucumbers are also packed with dietary fibers, which rid our body of harmful toxins and speed up our metabolism. Apples on the other hand are excellent source of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. They help reduce cholesterol, detoxify our liver, and help control our weight.

So, who doesn’t love something so refreshing and easy to do as green smoothie? Just toss the ingredients in, blend and voila!


What we need:

2 green apples (seed removed, sliced)

1/2 cucumber (sliced)

1 cup Romaine lettuce (sliced)

1 stick celery (optional)

1 cup almond milk

1/2 – 1 tsp lime juice

1-2 tbs sweetener of choice like honey (optional)



Place everything in a high powdered blender and puree until smooth. Add a few ice cubes to chill it. Makes 3 glasses.



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