The Proper Form of Lifting


The most important reason on why we should lift anything with a proper form is to prevent injuries.


In our daily lives we lift many things. It can be your bag, accessories, electronic devices or big and heavy items such as boxes filled with various stuff or appliances. When it comes to lifting, it is not simply picking it up and carrying it. What we don’t know especially if you lift something heavy for your body is that there is a proper way to do it. A way wherein you won’t sacrifice the other parts of your body. The way for you to prevent unwanted injuries caused by you lifting something the wrong way. Proper form in lifting is not just practiced in the gym or for those who work out, it should be applied in everyone’s daily lives.


Why should we lift with a proper form?


  • The most important reason on why we should lift anything with a proper form is to prevent injuries.
  • If your working out, having a proper form ensures that you target the correct muscle.
  • Whether you are exercising or not, having a proper form can help you breathe properly. It’s a big no to hold your breath for longer than usual and when it comes to lifting proper breathing is necessary.
  • If your form is correct, you will be able to lift more heavier weights. As long as your muscles are in the right position to generate more force then lifting heavier will be easier.



What is the proper form of lifting?



  • First off, think about the item you will lift and how to approach it. Is it from the ground or is it elevated? Are there any obstructions around you or is the item stable enough to lift? Once you determine the situation then it is time to lift.
  • If it’s from the ground, the best approach will be the deadlift. With deadlift, the body uses the hamstrings and glute muscles to transition the body with the weight from horizontal to a standing position.       Keep in mind that with deadlift, proper form should be practiced at all times. To ensure that your form is correct, remember the following tips:
    1. Never round the back when lifting the item. Also, don’t arch the back.
    2. The back should stay as neutral or flat as possible until the movement is finished.
    3. Moving the spine too much can cause injury.
    4. A sign that you’re deadlift is in the correct position is when you feel tension and stretching on the back of your thighs or your hamstrings.
    5. Maintain vertical shines when picking up an item.
  • Always make sure that you are stable enough to lift that load.
  • Never ever twist when you lift.
  • Look straight or ahead. Don’t distract yourself by looking in other directions.
  • Move smooth and sure. Don’t rush.
  • Lastly, know what you can and cannot lift. Our bodies can lift more than we can imagine but not everyone is properly trained to do so. If you feel you can no longer lift something, stop and take a step back. Don’t push it and risk injury.


Remember, lifting is a part of our daily lives. Always be careful and don’t do something that you are not sure about. Injuries are easy to obtain but hard to get rid of. Always practice the proper form.



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