Syrup, Tablet or Capsule

Did you know… medications come in many different forms?

In a world where everyone runs to their local drugstore whenever they get sick, each and every person has their own brand or type of medicine they take for certain types of illnesses, diseases or infections. Some may also take supplements or vitamins. Whatever the reasons are, medicines whichever brand it is have different preparations: syrup, tablet or capsule. What exactly are the differences on these preparations? Does it have any significant usage or capabilities? Let us know more about what really is a syrup, tablet or capsule medicine.



  1. The body doesn’t need to break down the liquid; the body immediately absorbs it.
  2. It digests easily and has higher optimization rates.
  3. Mostly taken by children or adults, since it can easily be swallowed.
  4. It takes 1-4 minutes to assimilate.
  5. Syrup with medicinal substance is called medicated syrup.
  6. Syrup resists molds or bacterial contamination and can contain antimicrobial agents to prevent bacterial and mold growth.
  7. It is harder to monitor the measurement of syrup and it is less convenient to take with you as it may leak inside your bag or accidently get spilled.




  1. It is composed of a mixture of active and inactive ingredients.
  2. It is a compressed powder.
  3. It doesn’t enter the drug stream immediately since it is coated in sugar or a similar compound.
  4. There is a prescribed number of medicines and time to follow as prescribed by doctors.
  5. It consists of different sizes and tastes and it has longer shelf life.
  6. Cheaper than capsules.
  7. Depending on the dosage recommendation of your doctor, a tablet can be split into two.




  1. Capsules are actually two parts of a gelatin shell that are filled up.
  2. It is in powdered or jelly form that is enclosed in a dissolvable plastic container.
  3. It is easier to swallow compared to tablets.
  4. Just like tablets you need to follow a guide prescribed by your doctor.
  5. Shelf life of capsules is shorter and it is more expensive.
  6. There are two types of capsules. The hard-shelled capsules and the soft-shelled capsules. Hard-shelled capsules are made out of gelatin and have dry and powdered ingredients while the soft-shelled capsules are commonly used for oils and for active ingredients that are dissolved in oil.


The above differences are the common ways to explain and differentiate the forms of medicines. All in all it is all up to you and your doctors recommendation what is best suited for you to take based on your capabilities and needs. Always check with your pharmacist too if you are not sure how to use any medication. They are the experts on medicines and make sure you are taking your medication the safest way to get the fullest effect.


What is important is that in every medicine you take and in whatever form always make sure that you follow the instructions by heart, that is if you want to get the results you are aiming at. Remember, it is your health in line and extra care is always the number one priority.



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