Understanding Smoker’s Cough

To get rid of smoker’s cough, the most logical way to go is to quit smoking.


Everyday we hear someone cough, from the mildest coughing sound to the most severe. Some of whom we interact with may suffer mild symptoms and may immediately cure them and some may suffer for a longer period of time. But did you know that there are distinct differences in a smoker’s cough? We all know about the normal cough we get from time to time, so this article, we will talk more about what actually is a smoker’s cough.


A smoker’s cough is persistent, even if you take medicines, it will never go away …….unless you quit. Light smokers will experience dry cough. But as smoking progress so does coughing: cough will become wet and phlegm will develop. The color varies; it could be yellow or green. Smoker’s cough happens because the cilia in the lungs which helps move toxins to protect your lungs paralyzes thus making the toxins settle inside your lungs.


A smoker’s cough is both unpleasant and uncomfortable. The cough also causes pain in the throat and the chest because of the constant deep coughing. Most smokers who cough grow accustomed to it, but what makes this more dangerous is that smokers won’t know when a cough is a sign of a more serious condition.


In the early stages of a smoker’s cough, the coughing means that your lungs are irritated. But as time passes, a smoker risk in developing other infections. The more you smoke, the more your lungs are affected. The most common infection of long-term smokers is called bronchitis. People with bronchitis have swollen bronchial tubes which makes the body produce more mucus. That makes it difficult for enough air to get throughand because of the extra mucus developing, bacteria can multiply easily making you prone to other infections. If cough is accompanied with blood or you are losing your voice ( due to frequent coughing), it means a more serious damage to the lungs. A trip to your doctor is now a priority.


To get rid of smoker’s cough, the most logical way to go is to quit smoking. But we know that it is easier said than done, quitting will be difficult for smokers, and it will take baby steps. Also, to help you feel relief from your coughing due to smoking, you may try some of the following:


  • Drink plenty of water. You can also try gargling with warm water with salt to relieve your irritated throat.
  • Add honey to your drinks or take a teaspoon to soothe your throat.
  • Steam with eucalyptus or mint teas. These vapors can help you breathe easily.
  • Use more pillows in your head. Keeping your head slightly elevated when you sleep can minimize mucus drainage into your throat, which leads to coughing.
  • Eat healthier and exercise regularly. Smoker or not, everyone has the obligation to choose the right foods and exercise for a healthier body.



So before you take another pack of cigarette, ask yourself is it worth it?




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