Fit and Healthy at the Office: Ideas for a Healthy Summer

Did you know that even If you’re stuck in the office you could still reach your summer goal to remain fit and healthy?

Summertime is the season to go out and bask in the rays of the sun. When we hear the word “summer”, we instantly think of the great outdoors. The hot and humid weather also means people wear lighter colored garments and lesser articles of clothing. Another catchy phrase come summertime, is how to achieve the perfect “summer body”. Of course, not everyone has all the time in the world to work out or go frequently outdoors, especially when you’re at work. But did you know that even If you’re stuck in the office you could still reach your summer goal to remain fit and healthy? Sounds impossible? Don’t fret. By creating a plan, sticking to it and having the discipline to follow through, you can be on track to achieving your ideal fit body and maintaining it, not only for the summer but for life.

Step 1:

Watch your food intake.

Both liquid and solid foods are essential to success. Most people at work are coffee lovers. For some it’s a necessary step to starting their day while others simply love the taste of coffee. Although we should remember that moderation is the key to everything–too much of a good thing may be bad for you. Coffee contains caffeine that may cause muscle tension, anxiety as well as irritability. To lessen your caloric intake try drinking black coffee. If you can, resist the urge to use creamer and sugar, or you can use healthier alternatives for sweeteners. If you like having multiple cups a day try lowering your number. You don’t have to totally eliminate it, just lessen it. For sodas and other sweetened beverages, try to take it off your diet, or just drink it occasionally, This will lessen your consumption of unnecessary calories.

For solid foods, there are so many options in the market for healthier choices. Fortunately, the market for healthier alternatives is growing so diversity won’t be much of a problem. Stick to your good old fruit and vegetables for snacking. For your main meals, workers should try to pack their own breakfast/lunch/dinner bags. Not only is it cost efficient, it will help you lose weight, for the reason that you are in control of your portion and what you eat.


Move around the office.

Staying in the same position for hours on end can have negative consequences. Try to take 5 minute breaks as frequent as possible. Take the time to stretch, stand up and walk around. There is also a practice called “active sitting” wherein you sit on an exercise ball for your body to make adjustments to your posture, abdominals, gluteals and leg muscles. Simple exercises can also be incorporated during breaks such as air squats, sit ups, push ups/crunches and basic yoga stretches. This will not only help you physically but mentally as well.


Always take the stairs.

More and more companies are adopting this. Always use the stairs whenever possible. It is an excellent form of exercise that will ultimately benefit you in terms of physical appearance and strength.

Step 4:

Use your day offs for fun activities.

If you are not a fan of working out on a gym, spend it with your family. There are many options and activities that are enjoyable and at the same time, would give you a great workout. Some great examples are hiking, joining marathons, or engaging in team sports. These are great bonding experiences that help you burn calories.

Remember, the choices you make always affects your life. It all boils down to the decisions you make. A sedentary life is no life at all. Wherever you are and whatever you do, being fit and healthy can be achieved. Your office is a space with infinite possibilities to achieve your ideal fit and healthy body, you just need to do the work.


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