Your age dietary guidelines

Regardless of age, a healthy diet and nutrition is a choice everyone should make. It’s a life choice to be age gracefully and fully.

As we age, every aspect of our being does mature. May it be physical, emotional or mental. The passing years are the testament to the wisdom and the degradation of the body’s physical state. Although there are ways to slow down the process of aging, the inevitable will still come. As we get old, our bodies also needs to adjust in certain aspects of ones lifestyle. Nothing is the same if you compare it with yourself 10 years ago. Also, the body needs to make changes with the help of proper diet and nutrition. Know the best ways to maintain longevity, strength and optimal health on certain age:


Newborns up to six months


In this critical stage of development, it is highly recommended that infants should be exclusively breastfed. Although there are cases that a mother could not breastfeed, use formulas with protective and immunological factors.


Babies from 6 months to 12


Solid foods should be slowly introduced into the infant’s system to help with the development and nutritional needs of the baby. Breastfeeding should also be continued. Food that is high in zinc and iron is needed but do not add any seasoning to the baby’s food. Whole fruits should also be introduced.


For young children


Variety with nutritional value is the key. A child’s food intake also varies depending on their physical activity. Children need protein, mineral and vitamin rich food as well as whole fruits and vegetables. Avoid giving too much sugary food or liquids and fried food. Increase water intake especially is they are active. Be aware of any food allergies that may occur.


Teenagers and young adolescents


This stage in a person’s life is the culmination of what a person’s body will become. It is crucial to set the right tone, so that the body will age healthy and with minimal problems. Opting for healthy fats, protein and vitamin rich food is the best. Oily and sugary food items should be consumed at a minimal. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed daily. Water intake increases as the activity does. Exercise in the form of sports or other activities are highly encouraged.




This is the start wherein you can feel the changes. The physical strength is not the same, the metabolism slows down, recovery takes longer and immunity is weakened. This stage should be carefully threaded. The choices of food and liquid intake are important. As much as possible, one should be disciplined to avoid contracting illnesses and disease. Taking food supplements can also help. Do not go into crash diets or practice diet trends. Each body differs, therefore take precaution and listen to what your body needs.


Senior citizens


Everything is final, in this stage you would feel what you have done for the past years. Older people tends to eat and move less. That is why it is harder ––but not impossible–– at this stage to get all the nutritional needs. Older people, should be encouraged to move more and maintain muscle mass. Consuming foods that are nutrient dense such as eggs, lean meats, fish, liver, nuts, fruits and vegetables is a must. Foods that are high in fibre and calcium are also needed. And of course, water intake should be increased as well.


Whatever the age, a healthy diet and nutrition is a choice everyone should make. It’s a life choice to be age gracefully and fully.



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