House Cleaning: How often and how much is enough?

Big, small or just enough for a number of occupants, we all know that our house needs to be cleaned. Some of us may have daily simple cleaning routines to the more thorough schedules general cleaning but how do we gauge on how often or how much time and effort do we need to dedicate in cleaning to be sure that our houses are well kept and maintained?

Actually, cleaning alone isn’t enough to maintain ones house, there are more factors to it such as the people who live in it, how much do they take care of the furniture, equipment or fixtures inside the house.


Another factor can be if there are pets. These are just some examples on what factors there are that affects the total condition of a house but the main issue here is how much cleaning do you need to do and how often? Most if not all of us will say daily. Yes, it’s true you need to clean your house daily but admit it or not the cleaning most people do daily is not the thorough one.

But did you know, that the frequency of cleaning differs from one room to another and with the different items inside your house? To give us some guidelines and tips on how often and how much is enough for different areas and different items, see the list below:

  • 2 days to a week– this includes items such as the bathtub, microwave, toilet bowl, sinks, laundry, dusting of windows and furniture, vacuuming carpets. A good cleaning concoction for the microwave or even the sink is by mixing half a cup of water with white vinegar and scrub as so but when use for the microwave, pour it on a heat safe dish and put it on high until the glass steams up after which you can wipe the insides easily, also this is a good way to get rid of the smell caused by the different food items you heated inside.
  • 2 weeks to a month– Bed linens, windows, kitchen oven or gas range and refrigerator. Depending on the use, all bed covers should be changed into fresh sheets; this is to maintain the cleanliness and to avoid insects or whatnot to dwell on it. Having fresh sheets also contributes to a healthier skin since your skin is directly contacted. For the refrigerator, it is best advised by manufacturers to defrost your freezer regularly to maintain the refrigerators usage. Cleaning your refrigerator also helps you to check for expired or untouched items easily. For your ovens, clean it as often as you use it, to maintain cleanliness and odors.
  • 2 months up to 6 months– Upholstery (sofa), carpet, duvets and covers. Your sofa may be wiped clean daily but having it professionally cleaned is necessary. This is for hygienic reasons and to maintain the quality of your sofa’s appearance especially if it’s a leather couch. For your carpets, you should also have it steamed cleaned or to have someone do it for you. Dirt and bacteria can easily build up which cannot be cleaned by vacuuming alone.


The guidelines above are just some of many tips on when and how to clean your house. As an owner, tenant or a member of the household you have the responsibility to keep the place you reside as clean as possible, this is not only for appearance and functionality but for the well being of everyone. What are you waiting for, plan ahead and schedule your cleaning now.

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