Your Wellness Goals in your Workplace

Every workplace has its fair share of stress due to the work itself, external environment or the people you interact with.

Finding the right balance for you to be able to be productive and at the same time being the best version of yourself is somewhat challenging. Truth be told, every workplace should have a harmonious and progressive atmosphere. Unfortunately, most of the time that isn’t the case. Both employers and employees are the key factors for those negative aspects to change. With the right set of practices and the positive mindset, everyone’s desire to achieve their wellness goals is just within hands reach.


When you say workplace wellness, it is described as any and all ways a workplace promotes a healthy environment to everyone. Activities such as education for the health, medical screenings, promoting proper ways to exercise ,discussing about good nutrition and employee development and recognition, contributes to an effective workplace. For employees, having a wellness program in their workplace improves their health not only physically but mentally as well. They become more active and motivated in their respective jobs at the same time reaping the benefits in terms of their health.


Examples of programs that can be incorporated in the workplace to promote overall wellness is as follows:


Team Building


More often than not, companies organize team building activities for their employees at least once a year. Not only does it relaxes the mind and body it also builds the teams camaraderie so that when they go back to their workplace they feel bonded in which will help them with their work.


Flexible Hours


Although this is not applicable to all industries, for those that can, offering flexible hours is a good idea. This will give employees the option to choose the best possible time for them to work that will adjust to their current lifestyle.


Charity & volunteer works


Giving back contributes to a persons well being. It develops ones personality and will teach them how to empathize. It also strengthens ones sense of community and helps them discover what it truly means to help others.


Exercise breaks or meditation


A 10-15 minute group session that involves low intensity workouts or stretching can give everyone that much needed jolt especially during the midday. It is also unhealthy to stay in one position for a long time, that is why having breaks like this is important. Yoga classes or Meditation at least once a week also helps to relieve stress.


Nutrition and Health education


Not everyone knows what is the proper nutrition for them, that is why it is best for employers to have their employees engage with a nutritionist to help them develop a better nutritional guide for them to follow. Also, health checks for the employees is important for them to know their current health status and to detect any early onset of would be diseases.


Organize Wellness and Recognition awards

This can boosts employee morale and sportsmanship.


Offer healthy snack alternatives


Introduce everyone to healthier alternatives so that they know what they should eat more and make the necessary adjustments to their lifestyle.



The above examples are just a few things you may implement. For a workplace wellness be effective, everyone should be involved. It is best to set and lead by example.

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