Herbs for the emotion

Your emotions will naturally hijack your thinking but there are natural ways to deal with this.

Did you know that your emotions play an important influence on your physical health? Therefore, it is critical to deal with your feelings effectively everyday. Your emotions lead to the actions you take and therefore, create the life you are experiencing. There are a number of actions that you can take that will help you to manage your emotions. In fact, so many has been written about emotions and how to deal with them effectively.

With the birth of alternative medicine that maximizes the use of different types of plants, shrubs, herbs and fruits to help treat certain ailments, herbs can also be used to treat your emotions to a certain degree. There are vast amounts of herbs and numerous ways to use them to help you with your emotions and it all depends on the person’s preference. Listed below are tips and different types of herbs you can use that are practiced and utilized specifically for your emotions.



Diffuseur d'huiles essentiellesIt is the most common and easiest method used of herbs for your emotions. This method is usually for ones relaxation and thanks to innovative minds; there are items you can purchase so you can have your own version of aromatherapy in the comforts of your own home. Herbs used for this method are made into essential oils that give it a more concentrated smell. Examples of which are rosemary that is best known in helping with the improvement of a person’s memory as well as helps with fatigue. Peppermint can help energize our mind, body and mood and the oil of Basil is used more for the clarity of the mind.


Teas or other water based extraction methods


Popular choices are St .John’s Wort that is used to help improve one’s mood disorders. Ginseng is for stimulation and for the increase or one’s energy levels. Passion flower helps a person who has insomnia and anxiety. Lemon balm is used for nervousness and headaches and Roseroot is for the improvement of a person’s mental and physical energy and improves symptoms of depression.




There are some drugstores that sell vitamins that contain certain herbs mixed into them to boost and add more benefits to it. Some prescription medicines has herbs incorporated into them. There are also prepared food supplements made from herbs to help treat discomforts such as a cough relief medicines made from the lagundi leaves.


Whatever you choose to do stick to what works for you and what helps you with whatever reasons you have that made you use herbs for your emotions. For sure, there is one or even more herbs that will help you. Just remember that these herbs and how you use them are not designed to treat any type of sickness unless deemed by a professional. They are made available to help us and give us a certain type of relief in a more natural way. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the natural gifts of Mother Nature.




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