Mind Exercises

. . .  start engaging your mind and your body and have a regular exercise routine


Everyone knows that exercising is good for the body. But did you know that your mind needs to be exercised as well? Why? Some may say it is a form of strengthening ones memory or may enhance intelligence. When you look at it scientifically, the human brain is composed of nerve cells called neurons. The neurons are connected by synapses which are responsible in transporting information to one neuron to the other, and as we age the brain changes as well. The same synapses become slower and some of our cells die. Fortunately, studies has shown that exercising the brain or engaging in mental exercises activates different parts of the brain, that can stave off the degeneration of the brain and enhance memory/reverse memory loss and improve mental agility.


When it comes to mind exercises, age doesn’t matter, in fact it is recommended to start exercising your brain as early as possible. Below are some mental exercises you can try out.


  • Try using your other hand. If you are right handed, try using your left to do simple activities. Using the hand you are not usually used to create extra effort and brain activity. It will be a challenge and takes more focus and concentration, which makes it a good exercise for your mind.
  • Eating with chopsticks. If you are used to eating with a spoon and fork, using a chopstick will make you more conscious and mindful of your eating and with that your brain is working double time. Although if you are used to eating with chopsticks, try switching it up, and use your other hand.
  • Do things in an unconventional way. With the simple things that you do daily, try to make it more difficult for you to do this will make you think more thus exercising your brain.

Woman reading a book

  • Read more. It also helps if you read aloud. Reading aloud makes you tend to imagine more.
  • Stimulate all your senses. Try different activities that engage all your senses. With all your senses on high, your brain will also be engaged all throughout the process.
  • Try new things and engage in new activities and challenges. Going into unfamiliar territory makes you think more about the do’s and don’ts thus stimulating your brain.


  • Take time to solve puzzles and riddles. Deep thinking engaging more brain activity that can enhance your mental sharpness.
  • Engage in intelligent conversations. Conversations are a good brain exercise.
  • It takes so much focus and concentration to meditate, and with that, this makes this more challenging and beneficial for the brain. In fact, meditation is termed as the pushups for the brain.
  • Physical exercise promotes a good mind exercise. Exercising releases feel good brain chemicals.
  • Make use of technology. Use applications that exercises you mind. There are numerous apps that can challenge your thinking abilities.

Whatever exercise you do, exercising is always good. So start engaging your mind and your body and have a regular exercise routine now.


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