Pantry ‘must-haves’ for cold prevention

We often stock our pantries with foods that we like and what we crave for without thinking if your body can truly benefit from it. Did you ever stop and think about, the food items you buy and stock up? In our everyday lives no one is exempted from getting a cold, especially now that the weather is unpredictable, getting colds is not uncommon. Isn’t it just right to look into what we buy and decide on items which can boost your immune system and that can help you and the people around you avoid getting colds?

Believe it or not, there are many yummy and useful food items you can buy that will help you prevent getting a cold. See the list of some these food items.


It contains vitamins B1, D, calcium, fiber, iron and natural antioxidants. That alone can help you stay in tiptop condition.

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

Either you use it as a salad dressing, for cooking or drinking it with water, apple cider vinegar helps your body fight those infections that can harm you and get you sick.



Is all-natural and is the best sweetener for anything. Medically, it has also been used for the longest time. It can sooth coughs and sore throats and can prevent you from getting colds.


It is protein rich food that contains isoflavones and phytosterols that not only reduce the risk of cancer but also boost the immune system.


It contains Vitamin C, which increases the strength of the immune system. Compared to other citrus fruits, bell peppers have more vitamins than the fruits.


It is the all around healthy ingredient. Keeps our heart healthy, our brains functioning well and it is a healthy super food that keeps us strong enough to fight off infections that causes colds.



Contains probiotics that keeps are body strong enough to keep it from contaminations. It also aids in the body’s quick recovery.



Contains antioxidants to help develop a strong body that is in avoiding infections. It also aids in weight loss.


Contains calcium, potassium and sulfuric compounds that helps fight off bacteria.



Can be used as a flavoring or as a drink. This plant can fight infections and inflammations.



Has an essential nutrient called omega-3 fatty acid that activates the T-cell. This cell helps your body prevent getting sick.



These legumes are rich in fiber, protein, iron, vitamin B1 and B6, magnesium and folate that can not only make you stronger but healthier as well.


Keeping your body healthy should always be your top priority. Don’t just think about what you want; think about what you body needs. It’s never too late to start and stock up on the things that can help you become the best you. So the next time you buy items for your pantry, remember to include the items that really matters.



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