3E: Exercising Everyday is Easy

Do these 2 exercises every day to stay fit for life


Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health––regardless of the age or gender. The amount of exercise a person needs varies, and depends on goals and preferences, ability and time. If you’re busy to hit the gym, a simple morning exercise can help you to get in shape.


Walking is the simplest way to work out. You can do it almost anywhere, anytime. In between breaks or whenever possible, stand up and walk around, better yet use the stairs. When you do errands like going to the grocery store or buying something within the neighborhood, put on your sneakers and walk instead of driving. Keep up a brisk pace to make it a good cardio workout. Walking is a good way to de-stress too. So find time to walk in the park or anywhere that can make you feel relaxed.



Below are some of the health benefits walking daily can do for you.

  • Reduce body fat. Of course, walking is considered a cardio exercise! This simple exercise is very useful for those who want to slim down and remove excess body fats.
  • Increase one’s endurance and muscle strength. By walking, you develop that extra energy that makes you last longer in different activities without getting tired easily.
  • Walking actually can improve your balance and to reduce the risks of  hypertension, high cholesterol and blood pressure, joint and muscular paint and diabetes.



Push ups and sit ups are workouts which provide major benefits without taking too much of your time to actually do. They engage every muscle in your body, burn significant calories and tone up the abs quickly. These all-in-one exercises greatly improve your overall health, strengthen your core, upper body and quads. Total body workouts in just a few minutes of action!


What make these exercises great? Convenience ––since you don’t need any special equipment to perform the routine. Not only you save a lot of time, you are training your body to be stronger.

Health benefits of push ups and sit ups:

  1. Help build core strength and abdominal muscles for sit ups, and upper body strength with push ups.
  2. The routine sets improve circulation, builds heat in the body and fires up the brain to work more efficiently.
  3. Train different types of muscles like abdomen, back, shoulders, arms and hips to work together to make our bodies more stable and balanced.
  4. Help improve faster metabolic rate, improvement of our digestion and posture.
  5. Lastly, enhance our physical appearance. Push ups and sit ups make our bodies toner and leaner ––providing well defined and sculpted muscles.


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