Workout Hiatus

maybe we just need a break and our body is telling us for quite sometime that it needs to stop and recover especially for those who does heavy workouts


Working out can definitely make you healthier and stronger but with a constant routine, sometimes we tend to feel as if we are not motivated anymore, once we hit that crossroads, which many who workout do experience, does it mean that we should completely stop?


Of course not, working out right is never a bad thing, maybe we just need a break and our body is telling us for quite sometime that it needs to stop and recover especially for those who does heavy workouts, coaches always reiterate that taking a break is a good thing and that taking a break is actually good for us.


Below are some guidelines about taking that workout hiatus.

  • If you feel that there are no improvements then maybe it’s time to hit on the breaks. If you’ve been constantly workout out and have been eating healthy you’re body may need time to reset or refresh, during your break you might also want to look into your routine and program to make necessary adjustments.
  • To follow up on the first statement, feeling like your worn out or restless is also normal for those who regularly workout. Our bodies may feel like it has been pushed to its limits and may feel overworked. Taking a breath is what your body needs to recover and be better when you go back to your routine.
  • Taking a break can be as short as 1-2 days or a week some may go for a month but it all depends on you and if you have a coach it is best to consult him/her. Even if you’re on a break, remember to still be vigilant on what you do daily, do not be immobile for long and do not over eat on the unhealthy food.
  • Sometimes when you are on your break, a best way to cope up is to try something new, it may be anything from the simplest activities to the more extreme, indoors or outdoors it doesn’t matter, your mind and body needs a little change once in awhile.
  • On a break or not. Always eat healthy, drink lots of fluid and sleep well. The best way to recover is to give your body the best nourishment possible.
  • If you feel like you don’t want to go to the gym or so your regular workouts maybe it is time to just go out. Take a breath and enjoy your surroundings. Maybe take a walk at a park or go hiking. Sometimes you just need to go out of your comfort zone to re vitalize your senses and re ignite your passion in working out.


Whether your reason is that you’re too tired, or you lack the motivation, everyone needs to take a break once in awhile and stopping for a little is not a bad thing. Don’t feel ashamed to take a step back and relax, who knows that may be the only solution to your stagnated progress in the gym. So, give it a try and it might turn out to be the best thing for you and your health.



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