Dear Readers,

Welcome to #GoNaturalPH, an online magazine produced by our editorial team to help empower readers to embrace living life, naturally.

In this consumer-bloated industry, we recognized that consumers (like you and me) are flooded with instant products made from artificial ingredients. The GoNaturalPH advocates the use of natural and organic resources from food and medicines to home improvements. In fact, we are committed to raising awareness of natural health.

For every article we post in this site, we make certain that we deliver practical, trustworthy and useful information that motivates you (our readers) to create a better world to live in: healthy, happy and balanced. We make wellness our priority, from food and fitness, to health or beauty. Whether you are navigating the drugstore or supermarket aisle, looking for ingredients for dinner recipe, equipment for exercise routine, or in need of a new health strategy, this online magazine serves as your guide. So, stay fit, relax and navigate our site, eat healthy, and enjoy what you have at the moment.

Go, be healthy naturally!

Team Lagundex



profile-readersThe readers are the heart of the home. They carry the wallet of the households they take care of. Busy as they are, with the responsibilities they fulfill as homemakers and professionals, they make sure that their families are happy, secured and well-cared for. They are responsible enough to know and cared about the world they live in and shared it along with their love ones.

They are committed to save the world and its natural resources. Some of them are already advocates of the use of organic and natural materials and ingredients and while others are in the process of educating themselves that great things can be found within their backyards. But one thing they have in common: they value trusted source of practical, useful and timely information to make intelligent that affect her family as well as their sanctuary for living a healthy and inspired life.



  • profile-readers2NATURAL HEALTH 50%
    It’s perfectly understandable to aspire to a more organic lifestyle. This section offers key areas worth assessing so you (and your family) can live as close to nature as you possibly can. It offers truly useful tips and advice on living naturally. Yu can also find some of the best alternative health treatments such as homeopathic remedies, naturopathy, acupuncture, ayurveda and a lot more.
  • FITNESS 10%
    Easy, effective, practical workouts and advice for getting into the best shape.
    Reviews and safety concerns on food and supplements to help you assess the products sold over the counter.
    Features the natural way to good grooming and beauty tips.
    Decorating tips and tricks, time saving suggestions to make household duties a breeze. It also features supermarket and grocery tricks and treats.

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