Why should we pay attention to good housekeeping?

Good housekeeping can eliminate some home hazards and help you and your family to live safely and properly. Poor housekeeping can frequently contribute to accidents by hiding hazards that cause injuries. This part of our editorial mix is all about tricks and tips in making your home a wonderful place to live in. Make cleaning, doing laundry, and keeping up your home easy with our helpful housekeeping tips and some tricks in decorating, time saving suggestions to make household duties a breese. From how to clean and maintain specific surfaces, to effortless cleaning routines and simple shortcuts, we’ll show you how to get your home to shine.

Discover what tools and products work best and what are the must-have essentials. All of our tips and ideas will help you get your chores done more quickly and efficiently. The key is to be smart about keeping your home. , and clean in a way that causes little additional stress, or actually helps you reduce stress while you clean.








Household product manufacturers loaded today’s modem home with polluting substances designed to make domestic life easier. The cleaner our home is, the unhealthier it may become, because of toxic cleaning products made from these chemical-based elements.

Many of these commercial cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals that are not listed on the label (NOTE: a manufacturer can omit any ingredient that is considered a secret formula from its label). Wouldn’t it be nice if having a clean home didn’t come at health and environmental cost?  READ TO CONTINUE

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