Sweat it out! How sweating can make you healthy

Living in a tropical country we tend to sweat a lot to the point that we need to drink more liquids to compensate on the amount of sweat we excrete to avoid dehydration. But did you know that sweating in moderation can actually be healthy for our bodies? On what circumstances and in how often one should sweat is unfamiliar for most of us. Before we delve into the details, we should first identify what is sweat, of course we know what it is but do we really know how it develops and what it truly is?


Sweat is made by sweat glands. These glands are responsible in producing a watery fluid formed of proteins and lipids. Sweat glands are scattered all throughout our body so we can sweat in any part of our body.

Nature2Though in other circumstances, sweating that is caused by stress or our emotions are produced in specific areas such as the armpits, palms and head. The sweat glands are identified into two types, namely the Apocrine and the Andeccrine. The Apocrine is found in the armpit area while the Andeccrine are all over the skins surface.

To give us a more thorough description and knowledge about how sweating is good for you, you may refer to the details below.

  1. One of the best ways to detoxify is by sweating. Sweating can rid the body of substances like alcohol, cholesterol and salt. By sweating, the body expels the toxins that can affect your skin.
  2. Since sweating releases salt in your body it also retains calcium in our bones and because of this the accumulation of salt and calcium in our kidneys and urine is limited the chances of kidney stones lowers significantly.
  3. Sweating can help prevent colds and other illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi for the reason that our sweat contains antimicrobial peptides that breaks down the said causes of illnesses.
  4. Our sweat can act as an antibiotic for our skin. These agents are called the dermcidin.
  5. Sweat can rid you of those pesky zits. Through sweating our pores open up which help release the dirt that hold in the bacteria that develops into zits. That explains those trips to the dermatologist wherein they steam your face before they actually prick your face.
  6. Exercise produces tons of sweat and sweat makes our brains happy. Exercising puts people in a happier state of mind, still it differs on what kind of activity affects each person, one way to know for sure is that whenever you do a certain exercise or activity you get that feeling of a rush and your brain is hooked with the feeling which in turn makes you happy and fulfilled.


Remember, sweating in moderation is good but sweating excessively without replacing it with the proper amounts of liquids may cause serious problems. Also, if you are uncommonly sweating excessively it is best to consult your doctor about it, other than that, don’t be afraid to sweat it out.