BAREFACED: The importance of letting our faces breathe

Enhancing our faces is something we love to do. Reasons of why may be varied but the end point is always the same and that is to achieve our purpose on putting makeup on.

Makeup plays an important role on our daily lives. Both men and women use it, it can be as simple as our powder or lip-gloss but all in all it is still makeup. We all know that using makeup also requires responsibility example of which and is a topmost priority is to remove your makeup before you go to sleep. Our faces differ from one another; some may be more sensitive than the other, so proper care is mandatory. Choosing the right product for your face is not only by brand or color, it is based on what your skin type is. Sensitive, dry or oily skin has different needs, so being careful and vigilant in choosing your make up is a must. We all have our own preferences when it comes to makeup but whatever we use we should always remember that taking a break is also required for our faces to breathe.

Of all the products we apply, we have leaned on to other products to help our skin be healthier, but with those products to be fully effective it is also best to give our faces a moment to be free of any substance from our makeup and to allow ourselves to be barefaced. How long you should do this, depends on you.

But the question is why should we do it? Below is a list of reasons why your face needs a breather.

  • bare-face1Products applied on our face can clog our pores that can contribute to break outs, acnes or blotchiness. Having a routine of letting your face breathe can improve its appearance since our skin is exposed to fresh oxygen all in itself.
  • Being barefaced doesn’t mean you won’t apply anything though it is up to you if you need to apply products like moisturizer, sunblock and other regiments that can help improve your skin, when going makeup free for a number of hours or days, the products you use will be more effective since it is not blocked by any other products.
  • Your complexion will improve.
  • It helps eradicate other skin problems that can occur with the continuous use of makeup.
  • Makeup contains chemicals that can be absorbed into the body so taking a break on it from time to time will help maintain a healthier looking skin.
  • It makes your natural skin tone smoother, which in turn can help you apply your makeup evenly.
  • Being barefaced can actually make you look and feel younger.
  • If you have oily skin, this will help improve it and help make it less oily. For dry skin, having no make up on can make your moisturizer more effective.
  • Going barefaced promotes fasten skin cell renewal that makes your skin look and feel healthier.


Whatever you decide or however you want to go about this, it is important to remember that are skin should be taken care of. What we apply on it should be thought of and carefully used. And most importantly is to remember that natural beauty is always the best.