JUST PREVENT IT: Ways to Avoid Coughs and Colds

Cough and Colds have been a constant enemy of people. It is such a common illness that it seems natural to hear someone coughing , it is as if it is so easy to develop one that fighting it feels like hopeless battle between good and evil. People became accustomed to it that they overlook preventing it and just face it head on once contracted. Sadly, many also shrug it off as a minor thing but that shouldn’t be the case. Cough and Colds or Flu for that matter, are not something to take lightly, it is a virus that can develop into something more serious. So before you even think about it or before you feel that you’re about to get a cough or cold, it is always best to prevent it from happening.

Here are some ways to prevent Coughs and Colds


  • Try to stay clean as much as possible. Always wash your hands and avoid touching your face often. Coughs, Cold and Flu are caused by viruses so being vigilant on cleanliness is a must. It also helps to have antibacterial soaps or hand sanitizers if there’s no available wash basin at a time.GONATURALS-Sanitize
  • Just as you are trying to stay clean, you should also consider your surroundings, if you are in a public place, say a public comfort room, make sure to sanitize after you hold the various items inside the comfort room, this will eliminate and kill viruses you may have contracted during your short stay inside or when you held something.
  • If you are living with someone with the flu or coughs and colds, you may opt to use disposable wares for the meantime or if not avoid using their utensils.
  • It is a fact that drinking plenty of water is healthy for our bodies same goes with preventing illnesses. Drink as much water as you can.GONATURALS-DrinkWater
  • Do some exercise. Exercising not only boosts your metabolism it also strengthens your immune system.
  • Take some Vitamin C and Zinc supplements if necessary. Vitamin C and Zinc also boosts the immune system and fights off illnesses.
  • Another addition for a strong immune system is a good sleeping habit. Sleep the recommended time your body needs to rest for your age group.GONATURALS-Sleep
  • Avoid being exposed to second hand smoke. Of course, if you are a smoker you might want to consider lessening then quitting the habit.
  • It is also advisable to have your flu shot. Consult your doctor about it.
  • Eating healthy carbohydrates, fuels our bodies thus boosting our metabolism and immune system. It also keeps are bodies warm internally that prevents it from being chilled.GONATURALS-Eathealthy


These are some tips for prevention, but if you already have coughs and colds, it is best to take the necessary medication and what’s good is that there are readily available natural medicines you can purchase and take, an example of which is medicines made out of Lagundi leaves such as Lagundex which are proven to cure that pesky illness hindering you every day. Lagundex is a natural and organic Lagundi herbal supplement that helps maintain respiratory health and relieve symptoms related to upper respiratory tract infection. Derived from Lagundi leaves (Vitex negundo L.), commonly known as the five-leaved chaste tree – a large aromatic shrub with quadrangular, densely whitish branchlets. It is widely used as an alternative medicine, particularly in South and Southeast Asia. The plant contains phytochemicals that have multiple positive effects on the relief of respiratory discomfort. In the Philippines, it is known as an alternative remedy to help relieve dry irritating coughs, asthma and even fevers.

So be smart and stay healthy!