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Core muscles. Do we need to make it strong?

People who frequent the gyms or engage in different workouts will often encounter the word “core”, it can be phrased as “use your core” or “strengthen that core muscles” ,but do we really get what it really means?

Do we, as a person who exercises truly use our core muscles? How can we know if we have a strong or weak one? Before we delve into how we can maximize the capabilities of our core we should first know what it actually is and how it helps our whole physique. Anatomically the core is also our torso. With this part, functional bodily movements weigh in heavily and lack of strength within this area may result in minor to more serious injuries. Its major muscles are within the area of our belly and mid and lower back. So when you think about it most of our problem areas when we workout are highly dependent on our core muscles.


When we say core you can think of it more of like a controller, meaning it acts to control, transfer and stabilize the force we exert when we perform different exercise routines or bodily movements. Not only can a stable core ensure the protection of our spine, lower back and other musculature in incurring would be injuries from certain movements it can also help with our balance. Aesthetically a strong and well developed core can help ease you into doing more core exercises which in turn can tone and define your abdominal muscles.

But if you are not the gym type of person or you don’t engage in workout or exercise routines that still isn’t an excuse to work on developing your core muscles because doing so is relevant to one’s body. Examples of which are listed below:

  • What you do daily is dependent on your core muscle. Simple routines such as putting on your shoes, standing up or even our household chores rely on our core and without a stable one can be a cause of serious injuries in the long run.
  • A strong core equals a healthy back. Most of us had or has been experiencing lower back pains and to help us prevent this and help relieve us of the pain is to develop our core muscles.
  • A developed core can help improve our posture. We all know that one should always have good posture and when we have a weak core it also helps constitute into slouching.

These are just a few points on how important our core muscle is. To help aid us into how we can improve and develop our core muscles here are some easy go to exercises you can easily do anytime and anywhere but remember start small and be patient, this won’t happen overnight it takes time to develop and eventually you’ll be surprised on what it can do for you.

  • Planking– there is different variations of planking and if you are just starting, a simple plank can be really challenging son do the most comfortable one for you. A modified plank, full plank or side planks can be done. You can start off with holding your plank position for a certain number of seconds in certain number of rounds and increasing as you get used to it. Just keep in mind to use that core every time you do the plank.
    13/1/09 carla pic david poole exercise number 1
  • Crunches– just like with planking, crunches are varied differently. There are also modified variations that can be done depending on your core strength. The important thing is to avoid straining your neck and to activate the core.
  • Superman– to give you a easy description on how you can do this is you need to lie on your stomach then raise your right arm off the floor, hold for three breaths and lower your arm and vice versa. You should also do this with your legs. For a more advance superman you raise both arms and legs at the same time and hold it.
  • Bridge– with doing this position you would need to lie on your back with your knees bent then slowly raise your hips off the floor and hold it once your hips are aligned with your knees and shoulders. Hold for three breaths or seconds you prefer and repeat.
    Bridge Pose 2

These four exercises are just a few of the most common positions you can do to help develop your core muscles it is up to you on how and when you will apply this. Remember, you are doing this for you, so start now and be strong!