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Recycling: a model of change

Change is more crucial than ever, and everyone has a role to play


In this day and age, the environment is vastly deteriorating and no one else is to blame but us humans. Our nature has given us nothing but priceless gifts, that as years past by has been overseen and neglected. Today, as the world has become fully developed, various natural calamities have been occurring and the damages incurred are humungous with some of which are fatal.


Because of the changes that have damaged our very nature, everything is suffering, the normal cycle of life is disrupted and the animal kingdom has declined with some becoming extinct. Change is more crucial than ever, and everyone has a role to play.


Starting the change should start with oneself, adapting simple practices would do wonders in numbers. A simple act that means a lot to the environment is recycling. To put it simply, recycling is the conversion of waste materials into something new. Through recycling, greenhouse gas emissions are lowered, useful materials and reused and reducing air and water pollution.


To begin your recycling journey, below are some tips to help guide you:


  • First and foremost, learn about your community recycling center, if any. Or you may one to stop by at your local municipality and ask about their programs regarding recycling, you may learn about how to do and what not to do and how you can effectively incorporate recycling into your household, you may also do some volunteer work while you’re at it.
  • Segregate your trash. It is best to purchase different trash bins (make sure to measure the space you intend to put your trash bins so that you may buy the right size) that are assigned to certain wastes. Plan and give instructions accordingly, you want everyone involved in this, having everyone knowledgeable will help make your recycling effective.
  • Separate items you can re-use such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, glass containers and boxes. It is also a good idea to determine biodegradable trash (waste that can be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms) and non-biodegradable trash (waste that cannot be dissolved by natural agents).
  • At home, decide where to put your recycling station. To be able to uphold your recycling strategy, the placement of your trash bins are crucial, it should be easily accessible by everyone and should be labeled accordingly. It is also important to have multiple recycling stations in your house, examples of which are the kitchen, home office, garage and bathrooms.
  • If you have big boxes that doesn’t fit in your trash bins, you may use it in other circumstances or you can just flatten it to fit the assigned bin.
  • Newspapers, wrapping paper, envelopes, cards and phone books can be re-used or recycled.
  • Metallic items such as empty spray cans, tin foil, soda containers and food cans can be recycled.


When you think about it, recycling is not at all difficult to do. It is just not everyone is eager to participate thinking that some are already doing it, why even bother. But that is not the case, for us to save what is left, everyone should be involved, everyone should step us and be a model for change, that is if we want the next generation to still have a clean and safe world to live in.



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